Behind the Whip: Dominatrix is a series of portraits and interviews taken on location in the city and dungeon of each participating global Dominatrix by photographer Maria Coletsis. The photo essays within this book provide an intimate look at the women, their words, and the dungeons which make up this fast-growing subculture community. They discuss why they chose domination, who their clients are, the services they provide and the demand for them, and how their services uniquely represent the city in which they work. Through her friendship with a London-based Dominatrix, she met some of the world's top dommes, gained access to all parts of their lives and had many of these photographs published in the world's leading magazines and exhibited internationally. The photographs reveal an element of our culture which is manifest in the lives of these women. Coletsis invites the viewer to experience the rich and varied sexuality of a multi-racial group of strong, adventurous women. Behind the Whip offers both the aficionado and the curious observer a visual feast of unconventional, individualistic, strong women in control of their own sexuality and of those around them. It is a visual social document of contemporary attitudes towards sexuality.

Behind the Whip Book and Artist Interview

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